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Kurz-Zusammenfassung: Fortune 500 und Social Media Sales

14. Januar 2011

Kurz-Zusammenfassung des Artikels „How the Fortune 500 Use Social Media to Grow Sales and Revenue“ von Jamie Turner:

  • Fortune 500 companies use five social approaches to generate a profit
  • They’re not using social media just to be social – they’re using it to make money
  • In order to make money with social media, you have to set up your campaigns to be measured (not just simple metrics like number of followers or page views (although those are important), but real metrics like leads generated, prospects converted and profits realized (so measure your social media campaign on an ROI basis)
  • These are the five social approaches
    • Branding (e.g. Old Spice on YouTube)
    • eCommerce (e.g. Dell on Twitter)
    • Research (e.g. Starbucks on a Microsite (Idea/Poll/Survey/Rating-Microsite))
    • Customer Retention and Engagement (e.g. Comcast and Southwest Airlines on Twitter and Facebook helping to solve customer service issues)
    • Lead Generation (e.g. all channels…)